Electromagnetic interference degrades psychic performance

according to Limitless Mind by Russell Targ, electromagnetic interference degrades psychic performance. [[ James Spottiswoode ]] has shown that EM radiation from the milky way galaxy and from solar flares hurt psychic abilities.

Some psychics prefer to work in shielded rooms.

“Faraday-cage” screen rooms and underwater shielding eliminate almost all electromagnetic waves from the neighborhood, but they have no negative effects on remote viewing. In fact, some viewers prefer to work in an electrically shielded environment. The well-known psychic Eileen Garrett showed me such a room that she had built for her own use in her offices at the Parapsychology Foundation on 57th Street in New York City. Pat Price made several fine descriptions of complex target sites from inside SRI’s shielded room. In 1978, Hella Hammid and Ingo Swann successfully received several messages sent from Palo Alto while they were inside a submarine 500 miles away and 500 feet below the ocean’s surface.¹³

In fact, recent findings by physicist James Spottiswoode show that electromagnetic radiation from our Milky Way galaxy and the electromagnetic effects of solar flares both degrade psychic functioning.¹⁴ Electrical shielding seems to help performance, and so does carrying out experiments when the galactic radiation is at a minimum at one’s location. This occurs at 1,300 hours sidereal time¹⁵ (star time, rather than sun time), but we find that it is still possible to be abundantly psychic at any time of the day or night.

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