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Last chance to back the New Blood Kickstarter

I mentioned this earlier this week, but the New Blood Kickstarter is in the final stretch. (It ends this Sunday, 7/9, at 8:08 am.) This post is for my fellow procrastinators—if you want to support two new, queer paranormal TV shows and get some cool rewards, there’s still time!

As a reminder, the Kickstarter’s raising funds to finish up the first seasons of two different shows:

New Blood: A curious witch leads a team of filmmakers down a synchronistic journey to learn about modern-day Vampires—and it ends up becoming an intense initiatory experience.

Inhuman Beings: A queer Scooby Gang investigates haunted locations, looking for cryptids, the fae, aliens, ghosts, and more. (This is the one I’m in!)

More than 100 hours (!) of footage has been shot already, and we’re raising money for the rest of the filming plus editing, marketing, and distribution.

Some cool stuff

As the campaign winds down, I wanted to share some cool stuff related to the project that you can enjoy. There are of course tons of cool rewards for our Kickstarter backers.

But I also wanted to mention that if you’re into paranormal content, check out the New Blood TV YouTube channel to watch recordings of tons of livestreams (including ones with some awesome guests from all corners of the paranormal space). There have been some amazing conversations that you don’t want to miss.

You can also watch this recording of a livestream with me and the rest of the cast/crew talking about the project.

I also wrote some articles about the project:


Anyway, thank you for your patience as I’ve crowed about this project. I’m very excited! These shows are really cool!

Please spread the word about the New Blood Kickstarter campaign and contribute if you’re able to; every little bit helps (even if it’s just telling your friends about it)!


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