The cozy web, as opposed to the dark forest

We withdraw to private spaces to feel safe, as Maggie Appleton writes.

I believe this Ribbon Farm issue is where cozy web (or cozyweb or cozynet) was coined:

Unlike the main public internet, which runs on the (human) protocol of “users” clicking on links on public pages/apps maintained by “publishers”, the cozyweb works on the (human) protocol of everybody cutting-and-pasting bits of text, images, URLs, and screenshots across live streams. Much of this content is poorly addressable, poorly searchable, and very vulnerable to bitrot. It lives in a high-gatekeeping slum-like space comprising slacks, messaging apps, private groups, storage services like dropbox, and of course, email. … The cozynet is not the same as waldenponding, since it remains connected and online and isn’t concerned about distraction or overuse of digital media. It just retreats from public view/activity for various reasons ranging from simple preference for privacy and small communities to fear and PTSD.

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