The hitchiker effect, when paranormal things follow you home

it sounds like this is when paranormal phenomena follow you home

you can also get the hitchiker effect through social contagion

mentioned around the 1:20:00ish mark here

someone on reddit mentions it:

So in the interview something briefly mentioned was the hitch hiker effect. From what I understand, something of a chain reaction happens after seeing UAP/UFOs?

I tried looking it up to find out more and it just keeps coming back to Skinwalker Ranch.

Shortly after the AAWSAP investigations began, the DIA deployed several military personnel on-site visits to Skinwalker Ranch to corroborate and evaluate earlier reports of anomalous phenomena. All five DIA personnel deployed to the ranch experienced profound anomalies while on the property, and more importantly, all five “brought something home” with them.

great description from reddit

The Skinwalker Ranch “hitchhiker effect” gets its name from the terrifying and disturbing events that happen at home after someone has a paranormal experience on the ranch. For some, just visiting the ranch can “take something home” that doesn’t go away and affects their whole family. Experiencers include current and former ranch staff, film crew members and guest visitors. Many refuse to return to the ranch.

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