There's a difference between a digital garden and a blog

This is about the difference between a digital garden and a blog. It also talks about the toxic idea of blogs as content marketing strategies and ways to build a brand, which means everything must be perfect and polished.

It also talks about how awful [[ analytics ]] are, which I absolutely agree with. It talks about the benefit of not having analytics by doing a more DIY static website.

For me this is a shitty optimization. Instead I’d like to optimize for being useful and interesting to both you and myself.

Being useful for me is the primary use case for this space on the internet. It’s not that I don’t care about you, but this is for me. It’s here so I can record what I think and know and preserve it in time and space.

It’s my garden, but I’m happy for you to hang around and eat tomatos with me.

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Here are all the notes in this garden, along with their links, visualized as a graph.