Thieves in the night a brief history of supernatural child abductions by joshua cutchin

  • [[ boil water in an egg shell to make a changeling laugh, from Grimm’s Fairy Tales ]]
  • [[ eggs detect changelings by confusing them so they ask questions about what you’re doing ]]
  • [[ what to do if a faerie abducts you ]]
  • [[ witches roam on Tuesdays and Fridays ]]
  • [[ how to get into fairyland safely ]]
  • breaking through to the faerie realm
  • [[ a father rescues his son, who a fae has trained in magic but also turned into a bird ]]
  • [[ Saint Guinefort, a greyhound ]]
  • [[ faeries can’t cross running water ]]
  • [[ faeries don’t like filth ]]
  • [[ indonsesian and malaysian vampires warded off through various means, including placing eggs under armpits ]]
  • [[ the smell of rotten eggs and cinnamon during abduction experiences ]]
  • [[ ufo experiences, cancer, and reproductive illness ]]
  • [[ egg headed entity asks woman for help caring for babies ]]
  • [[ egg lore in UFO and fairy stories ]]
  • [[ twilight language, or analysing the paranormal by looking closely at names, etc ]]
  • [[ quote-I wonder if the egg has some kind of power derived from being an enclosed but living thing ]]

Similar: [[ The Book of Mothman by John Keel ]] Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee The Brimstone Deceit by Joshua Cutchin


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