A proposed esp testing aid

this device from Learning to Use Extrasensory Perception by Charles Tart seems like something I could program using an RNG or something. maybe ask [[ chatgpt ]] for help coding it. I’m sure this exists in app form, but could be fun to make anyway.

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A properly designed testing aid, which automatically generated random targets and scored the subject’s responses, could easily be set up to do all of the following: (a) allow the subject to respond as slowly as he wishes, thus giving him a chance to clarify his internal feelings and imagery, or to work rapidly, almost automatically; (b) reward the subject for correct responses, with fixed or variable intervals between response and reward, on a constant or variable reward schedule; (c) provide reward as straight information feedback (a buzzer for correct responses, say), or provide something like coins falling from a dispenser on each correct response; (d) punish the subject for incorrect responses, either in an informational feedback way or by something like electric shock orcmonetary fines. Other techniques could be programmed in, but basically the point is that by the use of modern apparatus all the highly developed techniques of learning psychology and operant conditioning could be applied to guessing situations, and quite possibly we would find that subjects could learn to perform at more and more significant levels over time instead of dropping off to chance.


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