Dream before seeing ufo

A man dreamed of a UFO landing for a week before the sighting.

from Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, re: ufo nests in Australia 1966:

On his way home that Wednesday night, George Pedley decided he would tell no one about the “spaceship” in the swamp. He saw neither portholes nor antennae on the blue-gray object, and no sign of life either inside or about it. Furthermore, he had always laughed at flying saucer stories. But then he met Albert Pennisi, the owner of Horseshoe Lagoon, and disclosed the sighting. He was very surprised when Pennisi believed him right away and told him he had been dreaming for a week that a flying saucer would land on his property. This last detail places the Queensland saucer nests in the best tradition of the fairy-faith.

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