A type One error or rejection of true hypothesis, and type Two error, belief in a false one

a type-One error is a rejection of a true hypothesis, and type-Two error is belief in a false one

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from Third Eye Spies-Learn Remote Viewing from the Masters by Russell Targ:

Sometimes, I have failed to report a dream that did manifest the next day. We call that a type-One error (rejection of a true hypothesis). I have also told my wife about some crazy dreams that did not come true. That is a type-Two error (the mistaken acceptance of a false hypothesis). Not reporting a potentially false hypothesis is a good choice in the science business, where it is essential to reject nonsense. It is a bad choice in the safety business, where you can tolerate some false alarms, but you cannot tolerate many unreported accidents that are likely to occur.

Excerpt From: “Third Eye Spies: Learn Remote Viewing from the Masters” by Russell Targ. Scribd. This material may be protected by copyright.

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