Egg shaped ufo sighting in 1965

Here’s an egg-shaped UFO sighting from Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee; he later relates the story to [[ Betty and Barney Hill ]]’s encounter, saying that the hypnotist observed the similarities betwen UFO encounters and folklore

Eleven years later, the files of landing reports and strange creatures associated with them had become very thick indeed. Then a new flurry of reports began. On July I, 1965, Maurice Masse, a French farmer who lived in Valensolc, had the following experience. As he arrived in his field, at 6:00 A.M., and was getting ready to start his tractor, he heard an unusual noise. Stepping into the open, he saw a machine that had landed in his lavender field. He I bought it must be some sort of prototype and walked toward it, with a mind to tell the pilots, in no uncertain words, to go find .mother landing spot for their contraption. It was only when he was within twenty feet of the machine that he came in full view of the scene and realized his mistake.

The object was egg-shaped, had a round cockpit, was supported by six thin legs and a central pivot, and was not bigger than a car. In front, appearing to examine a lavender plant, were the two pilots. They were dressed in one-piccc, gray-greenish suits. On the left side of their belts was a small container; a larger one was on I he right side. They were less than four feet tall and had human eves, but their heads were very large: about three times the volume of a human head. They had practically no mouth, only a very small opening, without lips. They wore no respiratory device, no headgear, and no gloves. They had small, normal hands. When Masse came upon them, they seemed to become suddenly aware of his existence, and yet it was without any indication of fear or surprise that one of the “pilots” took a small tube from its container and pointed it at Masse—with the result that the witness found himself suddenly incapable of movement.

For the next sixty seconds or so, the two entities looked at Masse. They appeared to be exchanging their impressions vocally in a sort of gargle. These sounds came from their throats, insisted I he witness, but the mouths did not move. The eyes, in the meantime, conveyed human expressions. In private, Masse told a civilian investigator that he had not been frightened by their attitude, and that it contained more friendly curiosity than hostility toward him.

After some time—estimated by Masse, as I have said, as about one minute—the creatures went inside the craft. The door closed “like the front part of a wooden file cabinet,” but Masse could see them through the cockpit. They were facing him as the object took oif in the opposite direction, first hovering a few feet from the ground, then rising obliquely with the take-oE speed of a jet plane. When it was about sixty yards away, it vanished. The witness was closely questioned on this last point by French scientists who were privately interested by the case, but Masse insisted he could not say whether the object went away so fast that the eye could not follow it or whether it actually disappeared. He made it quite clear, however, that “one moment, the thing was there, and the next moment, it was not there anymore.” Masse remained alone in his field, paralyzed.

The word “paralysis” is not properly used in connection with incidents of this type. Masse said that he remained conscious during the whole observation. His physiological functions (respiration, heartbeat) were not hampered. But he could not move. Then he became very frightened indeed. Alone in his field, unable even to call for help, Masse thought he was going to die. It was only after about twenty minutes that he gradually regained voluntary control of his muscles and was able to go home.

There is a sequel to his experience. For several weeks after the incident, Masse was overcome with drowsiness, and all his relatives—as well as the investigators—observed that he needed so much sleep that he found it diEcult to stay awake even for four hours at a time. This is another little-known characteristic of “close-proximity” cases. To Masse, who was used to working “from sun up to sun down”—as the early hour of his-observation itself shows—this was a very impressive and disturbing consequence of his experience. Another result of the publicity the case attracted was the great damage to Masse’s field, as crowds of tourists gathered to sec the traces left by the craft.

… What is Masse’s impression of the visitors? For some reason, lie says, he knows they meant no harm. They were not hostile to him, only indifferent. As he stood facing them, during that long minute, he suddenly was overcome with the certitude that they were “good”—a belief he is unable to rationalize, because at no point did he understand their strange language.

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