Traits of precognitive dreams

Precognitive dreams are different from regular ones in that they aren’t caused by your wishes, anxieties, or the previous day’s memories. They are unusually clear and are often strange and unfamiliar.

You must [[ write down your dreams ]] to determine if they’re precognitive.

Third Eye Spies-Learn Remote Viewing from the Masters by Russell Targ:

To know that a dream is precognitive, you must learn to recognize that it is not caused by the (a) previous day’s mental residue, (b) your wishes, or (c) your anxieties. We find, rather, that precognitive dreams tend to have (a) an unusual clarity and (b) often contain bizarre and unfamiliar material. Dream experts like to speak of their preternatural clarity. These are not wish fulfillment or anxiety dreams. Ordinary dreams may be of the wish fulfillment variety. Will the girl of my dreams marry me? They can be anxiety dreams. Am I going to fail the exam that I didn’t study for? They can be dreams made out of the previous day’s residue. In such a dream you might feel frightened about yesterday’s experience of your canoe capsizing. Those are all interesting dreams, but they are not precognitive. On the other hand, if you have had hundreds of plane flights and then have a frightening dream about a crash, you might want to rethink your travel plans.

Excerpt From: “Third Eye Spies: Learn Remote Viewing from the Masters” by Russell Targ. Scribd. This material may be protected by copyright.

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