Ufo faerie rings Vallee's summary

UFOs leave rings much like the fairy rings of folklore. There also seems to be a magnetic residue.

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from Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee:

If we try to summarize what we have learned from these incidents–the Tully nests, the Ohio ring, and the Charlton crater–we can state the following: (1) public rumor associates sightings of flying saucers with the discovery of circular depressions on the ground; (2) when vegetation is present at the site, it exhibits the action of a flattening force which produces either a stationary pattern (“spokes of a wheel”) or a rotating pattern (clockwise or counterclockwise); (3) some of the vegetation is usually removed, sometimes with the roots, leaves, etc.; (4) the effect of a very strong vertical force is often noticed, as evidenced by earth and plants scattered around the site; (5) strong magnetic activity has been found in one instance, where common ironstone was buried close to the center of the depression; and (6) a deep hole, a few inches in diameter, is often present at the center.

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