Ufos, the fae, and imagination

This is re: UFOs and the fae. This quote talks about the laws of [[ Imagination ]] and the universe, and how folklore of different cultures is more alike than it may seem.

from Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, quoting Edwin S. Hartland, The Science of Fairy Tales: an Inquiry into Fairy Mythology (there’s some outdated racist terminology in here):

Mans imagination, like every known power, works by fixed laws, the existence and operation of which it is possible to trace: and it works upon the same material–the external universe, the mental and moral constitution of man and his social relations. Hence, diverse as may seem at first sight the results among the cultured Europeans and the debased Hottentots, the philosophical Hindoos and the Red Indians of the Far West, they present on a close examination, features absolutely identical.

fae - UFO - fae folklore - [[ ufology is folklore in the making ]]


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